Your source for MHP, OCAP, ACAP, and JavaTV information

Welcome to TV Without Borders, a web site dedicated to open standards for interactive TV. This site aims to provide tutorials and information for developers who are involved with the interactive TV industry, and who need to learn more about the current crop of open standards. Although this site is mainly aimed at the DVB Multimedia Home Platform (MHP), OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP), and JavaTV standards, there is some mention of other open standards where it’s appropriate.

MHP is an open standard for interactive digital TV that was originally developed by the DVB Project. Since it has been adopted by a number of countries all over the world for future interactive TV broadcasts, and forms the basis of the OCAP and ACAP standards this site aims to provide a useful place for people involved with MHP or OCAP (or people about to get involved with those standards) to come and learn something about the standards and the philosophy behind it, as well as some of the related standards.