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Contacting Us

TV Without Borders is based in the UK. Please contact us by e-mail at the following addresses.

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We welcome contributions from the MHP or JavaTV communities, although we cannot pay for these since we are a small operation who make no money from this site whatsoever. If you would like to contribute, please contact us at info@tvwithoutborders.com

Acknowledgments and copyright

This site is not affiliated with DVB or CableLabs in any way, and is not linked to any other organisation involved with the MHP or OCAP standards. The official DVB web site and MHP web site are located at http://www.dvb.org and http://www.mhp.org respectively. DVB and MHP are registered trademarks of the DVB Project. CableLabs, OpenCable, OCAP, and CableCARD are registered trademarks of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

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I would like to thank my wife for her patience in previewing the early parts of this site and asking me all kinds of useful questions, and for understanding when I disappear into my study to keep it updated. I would also like to thank the various people involved in the MHP standard who have explained the various parts of the standard to me when I haven’t understood them properly. There are too many to thank individually, but you know who you are. Thanks to you all, folks.

Finally, thanks to the following people for pointing out errors in the site contents and for suggesting fixes:

  • Jon Piesing, Philips Electronics
  • The MHP Team at Convergence
  • Piotr Stepniak and Piotr Czapala, Advanced Digital Broadcast Ltd.
  • Jordi Fabregat Davila, La Salle, Universitat Ramon Lull
  • Bernard Van Haecke, Sun Microsystems
  • Albert Cañigueral Bagó, Televisió de Catalunya Multimèdia
  • Giacomo Fagioli, Italy